Malaysian Hawker food in Castle Mall Food Court


Taste of Malaysian Street Food in Castle Hill Dsitrict. Design for freshness and Quality


(Former owner of To's Malaysian Gourmet in North Sydney CBD)




Authentic  Malaysian  Street  Food in Hill District


Open 7 Days

Monday - Wednesday


- 5.00pm



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- 5.00pm



- 5.00pm



- 3.00pm


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Castle Mall (Level 1 Food Court )

 4 - 16 Terminus Street, Castle Hill  2154


Taste of Hawker Malaysian Street food in Castle Mall Hill District


 Don't miss our popular Char Kway Teow, Mamak Mee Goreng, Char Hor Fun

   Finally an authentic Malaysian street food eatery is here!  After years of waiting residents in the hill district can finally have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the flavours and tastes of Malaysian hawker style food.This is a new venture established by Nelson, formerly owned and successfully ran the popular Tos Malaysian Gourmet in North Sydney CBD from 2008 to 2014.  

Being local himself, Nelson believe there is a great potential to establish a traditional Malaysian food in the area based on comments and feedback by many friends and former customers who live in the area.

Our aim is to continue to bring good quality authentic Malaysian food at affordable price for everyone to enjoy. 2015